Dimension: 655~690W x 630D x 995~1085H (mm)
* Passed BIFMA x5.1 and EN-1335
* US Matrex® Elastic Mesh
* Molded High Density Foam Seat w/Durable Breathable Mesh Fabric
* Adjustable Armrest Height
* Adjustable Armrest Width
* Adjustable/ Active Lumbar Support (Option for Standard and Butterfly)
* Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment (2-Stage Gas Cylinder)
* Waterfall Seat Design
* Synchronized Tilt with Back Stop
* Tilting Seat Front
* Back Force (Tension) Control
* 5-Star Aluminum Base
Colors above are for reference only. Please contact sales agent for actual color samples if needed.

Good fit and easy operation are critical for all-day-long comfort. The ergonomic design of the chair, with its patented dual action pivot mechanism, offers the comfort and ease of use.

The seat can be optimized for any size person with both horizontal and vertical adjustments. The back can be locked into position or forward return limits. This makes it easy to change position while working, and then return quickly to the optimum position for the task at hand.

Experience the chair and the chair plus for all-day comfort, distinctive style and precision engineering.

  • Elastic Mesh

US Matrex® Rubber suspension with tense elastic mesh provides a constant amount of firmness to maintain users’ natural back curve.

  • Molded High Density Foam Seat w/Durable Breathable Mesh Fabric

Support the body effectively, allowing you to sit longer without discomfort.











  • Adjustable Armrest Height and Width  

Arm height and width adjustment with soft-touch pad provides users more precise support in a natural position.

  • Adjustable / Active Lumbar Support (Options for Standard and Butterfly)

The vertically adjustable lumbar support provides ease of adjustment for users to maximize lumbar support. The lumbar support is “active” with a vertical pivot and a material which naturally contours to the movement of the user








  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment (2-Stage Gas Cylinder)

Raise or lower to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor which avoids pressure under your thighs, enhancing blood flow. The 2-stage Gas Cylinder maximizes travel of cylinder to provide correct seat height for you.

  • Waterfall Seat Design

Reduces pressure at the back of the knee, contributing to good circulation.

  • Synchronized Tilt with Back Stop

Provides the continuous support that follows users’ movements. With no front seat rise, it helps users to maintain equal distribution of body weight. The back is lockable in the upright position.


  • Tilting Seat Front

Enables users to ease pressure on their thighs by keeping their feet on the floor when reclining.

  • Back Force (Tension) Control

Enables users to adjust the tension of the chair’s back as they recline, allowing for a vertical posture if needed.

  • 5-Star Base (Selection of Chrome Plated or Black Painted Finishing)

Aluminum base with oversized Ø3 inches casters.